National Career Readiness Certificate

National Career Readiness CertificateThe National Career Readiness Certificate examination assesses an individual's skill level in three areas deemed critical for employability:

  1. Reading for Information
  2. Applied Math
  3. Locating Information

ACT, the organization that developed the college testing standard, researched over 16,000 occupations before developing these three WorkKeys assessments for the NCRC.

Just as the ACT score indicates the college readiness of all students, the NCRC assesses the career readiness of all students and serves as a reliable predictor for workplace success of any applicant, student or adult. Thousands of private and public employers now ask for or require NCRC scores as part of the application process.

NCRC is awarded at four levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each is objective validation to employers anywhere in the U.S. that an individual has met or exceeded the necessary foundational skills for a percentage of the 16,000 occupations in the WorkKeys database. For example, a Gold certificate verifies that and individual has the necessary skills for 93% of occupations. An employer may use NCRC scores for baseline applicant screening; hiring and promotion decisions; and targeting employee training and development.